New House

So I have lived in the same flat for while over 2 years know, And as great as it is very small and I think it is time to move out to somewhere with a front door and garden how ever. The house I would just love one day to live like this one on: “‘ I think mite be slightly out of my price range but as my father saids ” Man on diet can still look at menu

Description: A house for a retired couple who yielded to “the pull of the land” and settled in this Aegean village to start an olive grove. Rather than being a retirement project, T-house is an indication of the owners’ determination to engage with life and ways of doing things in the countryside. It is designed as a family home to be used all year round and further incorporates generous work and storage areas in the form of a spacious working kitchen and an extensive cellar to accommodate the varied activities the couple absorbs themselves in (curing olives, canning, jam-making, etc.).