Brand or Product

My Grandad (Colin Dewberry) who is a retired lecture from Suffolk University., (once head of Business and Marketing.) Had interesting ideas about marketing and how companies develop their brand. He asked the question to me, “What is more important brand or product?”

I asked the question to number of people. And the answer inevitably was “both”. This is what I thought as well. However if you stop to think about it a bit more, which is more important to Tesco, Coca Cola, Nike?

Let’s do a scenario if there were a new pair of Nike trainers for £99 or a gym’s own brand of trainers for £99, which would you choose? Honestly? Or you have a certain brand of biscuits you buy in your weekly shop every week. Would you buy the supermarkets own brand equivalent?

Designer sunglasses. Prada, Chanell, Boss and other high end street brands all offer the same range of sunglasses, at around the same price. However some people prefer one brand to another. It is common knowledge that they all potentially come from the same factory. What is more important brand or product?

Yes I’m biased. I am a designer and I work for company trying to persuade people that the brand is more important. “Design is to add value to a product.”

This is just food for thought and I would love to here your ideas on the subject.